Entrepreneurs Workshop

 Business models

Business models

The problem with workshops, webinars and seminars is that they are based on deductive logic: a theoretical model is shown in the hopes that attendees will then fill it with their content and specific ideas, actions, numbers. However, this is exactly the most difficult part for clients to figure out. Therefore, I created the process by which the participants would actually write their business model in the course of workshop, not being left on their own to work on the hardest part of the problem after the workshop. I will work with everyone's business case during the workshop to help them make decisions, choices and very specific action plans. 

I give out templates for each key step in decision making and help the participants fill it out with the group and myself. Theory is nothing without action.

In addition, I share down-to-earth practical tips and lessons from real life and successful business owners in Vienna, Austria and other international markets. 

The workshops are kept in a small group for all the above mentioned reasons.