Trainings for Entrepreneurs in English in Vienna, Austria: 

  1. Setting up a company in Austria
  2. Creating business model - Workshop and Individual Coaching
  3. Project Management and Organisation for Start-Ups: from Idea to Implementation - Training
  4. Customer Behaviour for Marketing and Sales
  5. Creativity and Idea Generation Techniques for New Businesses
  6. Brand Positioning and Differentiation - Workshop
  7. Tools for process design, cost reduction, productivity improvement

NEW!  Workshops for New Enterpreneurs in 2017

What is different about this workshop:  It’s an Experience, not another presentation of boring theoretical models. 

  • No-nonsense, no theory - only real-life practical useful approaches
  • applicable to Austrian market
  • Small group and my propritory exercises enable in-depth practical discussions and interactions instead of listening to a theoretical lectures at other seminars or presentations. 

Workshop expected outcomes:

  • Challenge your business mindset and stereotypes
  • Reflect on your business, get a different perspective and ideas on your business
  • Do something new and different TODAY to improve your results.


Part I. Lessons and practical tips from real-life businesses

  • Lessons from real-life successes and failure; Real life do’s and don’ts on
  • Sales, Negotiations, Customer and client management for self-employed
  • Working with Private Clients
  • Pricing: how to set, negotiate, increase and manage them
  • Lifestyle and self-management of self-employed

Part II. Business Model, Marketing

  • Introduction to business model: from Idea to Financial Result and practical exercises with YOUR own business idea:
  • Goals (financial and personal) setting and business Model matching
  • Idea generation and development
  • Marketing activities, brand positioning, differentation
  • Financial model, break-even analysis
  • Overview of the business set-up in Austria: set-up process for different types of trades and key requirements. (on request)


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